<!-- TITLE: Rich Snippets - Magento 2 module documentation --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Autor: Adam Dudel --> # Rich Snippets Module ## Module overview Rich Snippets module removes structured data in microdata format and replaces them with data in ld-json format. ## Module compatibility This module is compatibile with Magento Community versions: **2.3**. ## How it works After installing the module, head to the Admin Panel. There, go to: **Stores > Configuration > Aurora > Rich Snippets** Under the given path, you will see configurations for the module: ![Image 1](/uploads/rich-snippets/richsnippets-1.png "Image 1") **Module Enable** - enable/disable module **Enable Sitelinks Searchbox** - enable/disable sitelinks searchbox https://developers.google.com/search/docs/data-types/sitelinks-searchbox ![Image 2](/uploads/rich-snippets/richsnippets-2.png "Image 2") **Enable** - enable/disable generating data about products **Enable Multistock Inventory** - enable/disable Multistock Inventory support **Brand** - product brand attribute **Default Aggregate Rating Value** - enable/disable default rating and reviews **Default Rating Value** - default product rating **Default Review Count** - default product reviews count **Default Review Author** - default product review author **Default Price Valid Until** - default price valid until date (used when Special Price an Special Price To for product are not set) **Product Model** - (https://schema.org/ProductModel) **Model Value** - value for Product Model (SKU, EAN, barcode etc.) ![Image 3](/uploads/rich-snippets/richsnippets-3.png "Image 3") **Enable** - enable/disable generating data about organization **Organization Name** - organization name **Customer Service Enable** - enable/disable contact data for customer service **Customer Service Phone** - phone number **Customer Service Contact Options** - additonal contact information **Customer Service Area** - availability area - country name, country code or city name Fields **Technical Support** and **Sales Service** we fill in the same way as in customer service ![Image 4](/uploads/rich-snippets/richsnippets-4.png "Image 4") We fill out data about social networks that will be attached to information about the organization. To check if module is working properly - use Google Structured Data Testing Tool https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool/u/0 We provide the URL of the store / product card or paste the source code of the page there. ## Installation ### Composer 1. Add repo to composer.json: ```text "repositories": [ ... { "type": "vcs", "url": "git@git.auroracreation.com:aurora-modules/module-rich-snippets.git" } ... ], ``` 2. Add package to composer.json: ```text "require": { ... "aurora/module-rich-snippets": "*" ... }, ``` 3. In Magento root folder run commands: ```text composer update aurora/module-rich-snippets php bin/magento module:enable Aurora_RichSnippets php bin/magento setup:upgrade ``` ### Instalacja manualna 1. Unzip archive 2. Upload extension files on your server to: ```text {Magento root} └── app/ └── code ``` 3. In Magento root folder run commands: ```text php bin/magento module:enable Aurora_RichSnippets php bin/magento setup:upgrade ``` ### Thank you for your interest in our products!