Spam Bot Blocker - Magento 2 module documentation

Autor: Lukas Paliwoda

Moduł Spam Bot Blocker

Module overview

It blocks the possibility of creating fake user accounts. Module does not require any action from the user, it automatically detects whether the user is a human or a bot.

Module compatibility

This module is compatibile with Magento Community versions: 2.2 and 2.3.

How it works

After installing the module, you must enable it. Module configuration is Stores -> Configuration -> Customers -> Customer Configuration -> Spam Accounts Blocker.

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  • Add repo to composer.json:
"repositories": [
        "type": "vcs",
        "url": ""
  • Add package to composer.json:
"require": {
    "aurora/spam-bot-blocker": "2.*"
  • In Magento root folder run commands:
$ composer update aurora/spam-bot-blocker
$ php bin/magento module:enable Aurora_SpamBotBlocker
$ php bin/magento setup:upgrade


  1. Unzip archive.
  2. Upload extension files on your server to:
{Magento root}
└── app/
    └── code
  1. In Magento root folder run commands:
php bin/magento module:enable Aurora_CartTransfer
php bin/magento setup:upgrade