<!-- TITLE: WebP Images - Magento 2 module documentation--> <!-- SUBTITLE: Author: Paweł Wasiluk --> # Webp Images Module ## Module overview Convert product images and cms content to webp format. ## Module compatibility This module is compatibile with Magento Community versions: **2.3**. ## How it works After installing and enabling module in **Stores > Aurora > webP - Product image conversion**. Module will automaticly start cron that converts all product images to webp format. Filling **Quality of conversion** with number from 1-99 defines how much information loss will be applied when converting image. **Enable automatic conversion for static content** starts automatic conversion for all pages/blocks on your site. You can also convert cms content manually using buttons over the grid in **Content > Pages** or **Content > Blocks**. All automatic conversions starts at 00:00 am. Due to the fact that magento2 is not compatible with webp format - pictures converted will appear as broken in cms edit content sections. They will appear fine in your front. ## Installation ### Composer 1. Add repo to composer.json: ```text "repositories": [ ... { "type": "vcs", "url": "git@git.auroracreation.com:aurora-modules/webp-images.git" } ... ], ``` 2. Add package to composer.json: ```text "require": { ... "aurora/module-webp-images": "*" ... }, ``` 3. In Magento root folder run commands: ```text composer update aurora/module-webp-images php bin/magento module:enable Aurora_WebpImages php bin/magento setup:upgrade ``` ### Manual 1. Unzip archive. 2. Upload extension files on your server to: ```text {Magento root} └── app/ └── code ``` 3. In Magento root folder run commands: ```text php bin/magento module:enable Aurora_HWebpImages php bin/magento setup:upgrade ``` ### Thank you for your interest in our products!