<!-- TITLE: CMS Pages Navigation - Dokumentacja modułu Magento 2 --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Author: Mateusz Bereszczuk --> # CMS Pages Navigation Module ## Module overview Create widget that that improves maneuvering on your store. With our module your customers will have quick access to main cms pages of you store. ## Module compatibility This module is compatibile with Magento Community versions: **2.2** and **2.3**. ## How it works After installing the module, new category will be added to **Content** section - **CMS Pages Navigation**. There, you can see **Manage Pages** label which leads to **Grid**, that will consist your future categories. To create your first category go to **Add New Category**. ![Image 1](/uploads/cms-pages-navigation/image-1.png "Image 1") ![Image 2](/uploads/cms-pages-navigation/image-2.png "Image 2") **Name** – set name for category **Parent** – set parent of your category, first categories must implement Root Category as parent **CMS Page** – set page that user will be redirected to, categories with Root Category Parent have no redirect option, as their function is to contain other categories, thus CMS Page is disabled in that case. ![Image 3](/uploads/cms-pages-navigation/image-3.png "Image 3") **Position** - set a number to sort your categories **Status** – turns on or off visibility of category Now create few categories, your grid may look like this presented below. ![Image 4](/uploads/cms-pages-navigation/image-4.png "Image 4") Space before **Name** means that category’s parent is different from Root. When categories are created go to **Content > Elements > Widgets** to create **CMS Pages Navigation Widget**. Click on **Add Widget** button, then in **Settings** form choose type as **CMS Pages Navigation**. Then proceed with adding widget. ![Image 5](/uploads/cms-pages-navigation/image-5.png "Image 5") Your newly created widget with CMS Pages Navigation may look like this. ![Image 6](/uploads/cms-pages-navigation/image-6.png "Image 6") ## Installation ### Composer 1. Add repo to composer.json: ```text "repositories": [ ... { "type": "vcs", "url": "git@git.auroracreation.com:aurora-modules/cms-pages.git" } ... ], ``` 2. Add package to composer.json: ```text "require": { ... "aurora/cmspagesnavigation": "*" ... }, ``` 3. In Magento root folder run commands: ```text composer update aurora/cmspagesnavigation php bin/magento module:enable Aurora_CmsPagesNavigation php bin/magento setup:upgrade ``` ### Manual 1. Unzip archive. 2. Upload extension files on your server to: ```text {Magento root} └── app/ └── code ``` 3. In Magento root folder run commands: ```text php bin/magento module:enable Aurora_CmsPagesNavigation php bin/magento setup:upgrade ``` ### Thank you for your interest in our products!